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About Tradenion

Rich & Interactive, and Intelligent Trading Companion.

Tradenion is one of the most interactive and responsive traders companion (personal assistant) and alerting service that prepares users with critical insights and in-depth knowledge throughout their trading journey.
The most significant advantage of tradenion is that almost all the stuff one needs is in a single place. Just ask the questions or even don’t. Tradenion will still update with all the research and buzz going on in the stock market.

Here are some of the cool Tradenion features

Fetch all foundational knowledge required to scout a good opportunity, from P/E, Balance Sheets, sec filings, Company’s profile to insider and executives’ transactions.
Get live prices and trades information from various markets (including stock and crypto). And get alerted on several momentum and price change throughout the day.
Social & Buzz
Stay in touch with what’s happening around the market get sentiment and insights on Press releases, Market News, and Social Buzz from various news and social networks.
Screener & Outliers
Never miss a runner. Catch all daily movements and find breakouts and momentums using Trending, Gainers, Losers, Volume, Overbought, Oversold & Other screeners.
Monitoring & Alerting
Tradenion can be configured as a daily, weekly hourly alerting assistant. It looks at various technical, social, and other related indicators to generate curated alerts.
Data Science and Machine Learning
Use modern-day arsenals like AI and ML to tackle the most complex & challenging problems in detecting chart patterns & trends. Get detailed insights and forecasts using it.